"I created Nissē to celebrate each woman in her plurality but also in what makes her a deeply singular being. Both strong and powerful, I admire her audacity, I admire her courage, I admire how with passion and determination she achieves the impossible.

Nissé is the extension of my desire to contribute to the well-being of other women by creating unique pieces with an elegant, sensual and contemporary design."



Corsetry is an art and skill that requires years of expertise, patience and practice to master.

The tolerances are of the order of a millimetre, the manufacturing steps are numerous, as are the machines used.

To manufacture our pieces of lingerie, we have chosen to partner with a French workshop recognized for its excellent know-how.

Manufactured meticulously by hand, we are convinced that the quality of our products is intimately linked to the expertise and passion for the profession shared by the women and men who have accompanied us since the beginning.


We are constantly on the lookout for innovative, durable and high-end materials that minimize our ecological footprint, without compromising our commitment to quality and excellence.

Our first collection is made with a high quality bio-based polyamide, obtained from castor oil extracted from the seeds of the plant, an ecological alternative to conventional polyamide derived from petrochemicals.

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Lingerie may contain chemicals harmful to health, such as azo dyes, phthalates or even pesticide residues used during the cultivation of raw materials.

In contact with the thin skin of the mucous membranes, these substances can penetrate the body and cause
allergies or affect the functioning of hormones and have long-term consequences on reproductive health.

For biological reasons, women are unfortunately the most sensitive to these substances: their physiology, menstruation, pregnancy, breastfeeding.
or menopause represent periods of high vulnerability.

Aware of these risks, we attach great importance to the origin and choice of our materials used for our lingerie.

We select materials
certified at least OKEO-TEX Standard 100 in order to guarantee their safety for women's health.


Women are our best source of inspiration and we wanted to actively involve them in the design process of our collections.

600 women responded to our call to share their vision of lingerie, from the selection of materials to the development of shapes and colors.

We listened carefully to their feedback, their desires and their needs to feed our thinking and imagine our first collection.

It is thanks to this collaborative approach that we are able to offer products that meet the expectations and needs of today's women.