Lingerie Set

Bra and bottom


Our guide will help you take accurate measurements and find the right size for you.


1. To measure your back circumference

Place the measuring tape flat just below your chest. The tape should not be too tight. Enter your measurement in cm in the table below (1st line) and identify the recommended back size (2nd line - 80, 85, 90 or 95).

example: If my back size is 74 cm then I am a 90

2. To know your cup depth

Stand up straight and place the measuring tape flat on your chest at the level of the tip of your breasts. The meter should go around your bust. Report your measurement in cm in the table below (column 1).

Example: if my bust measurement is 91cm then my cup size is D.

=> Step 1 + Step 2 =my bra size is 90 D.

Bra size guide
bra size chart


1. Know your hip size

Stand straight and place your tape measure flat on your hips, (circling around) at the strongest point.

Refer to the measurement table below to find out your size.

panty size guide

Can not find your size ?

At our current stage of development, offering a wide range of sizes would not allow us to offer you comfort and perfect fitting.

Your support and feedback is essential to helping us achieve this inclusive vision, and we want to work closely with you to understand your specific needs.

Write to us at to take part in our development process and help create lingerie that suits you perfectly.