Shooting Nissé lingerie Stéphanie se fait maquiller elle porte le soutien-gorge Amalia

The portrait of Stephanie

Stéphanie is a sunny and generous woman. A university English teacher and model, she is passionate about culture. In this interview, Stéphanie shares with us her inspirations, her dreams, her love for lingerie, and how she knew how to surround herself with caring people and listen to her body to learn to love herself more.

Can you tell us about yourself?

My name is Stéphanie, I am 25 years old, I was born in Paris and today I live in Angers, a city where life is very good. I teach English, and on the side I model when I have free time. I am Nisse’s muse (laughs)! I am a very sociable, generous, sunny person... And I am a Leo, if that interests you! I like to travel, spend time with my lover, my family, my friends. I am passionate about music, photography, English literature, cinema, I could spend my life in a cinema or in a museum. I really like learning, I have always been very curious, I like meeting new people, listening, discussing. I like to have nice conversations.

Three words to describe women according to you?

For me, a woman is freedom, strength, love and intelligence.

How would you describe your relationship with the body? Has it evolved over time?

I try every day to gain a little more confidence in myself. It’s quite a journey, but essential for all of us. They say that each of us experiences a lack of self-confidence at some point. It's funny, because as a teenager, I clearly wasn't afraid of anything. I didn't care about the looks of others, I was in a bit of a world of care bears. And then at the beginning of my twenties, things started to change a little, I questioned myself several times, my lack of confidence developed little by little. I saw things about my appearance and my body that I didn't like at all, like stretch marks for example, although as a teenager I didn't care. completely. Today I try to be kinder to myself, to listen to my body. Its very important. In my opinion, you need to know how to surround yourself well, to be surrounded by people who make you feel beautiful and strong. I have a lover, two little brothers and wonderful friends who have always pushed me forward. They are very precious to me. 

What is your favorite piece of lingerie from Nisse?

All three Nisse lingerie sets are beautiful, they all bring something unique and different. I really like Amalia for the effortless side, it's a style that suits me well. But I have a big crush on Athena, it’s a very, very beautiful lingerie set.

Your ideal lingerie in a few words?

I would say a lingerie set that embraces comfort, sensuality and elegance.

A woman who inspires you today? And why ?

There are many women who inspire me: Audrey Hepburn, Lady Diana, Joséphine Baker, Simone Veil, Malala, Serena Williams… 

Stéphanie - Nissé Paris

A place in the world that soothes you? What is your “safe space”?

My safe place I would say is the sea. I have a very special bond with the sea, it reminds me of Sri Lanka, of surfing. One of my biggest dreams is to have a vacation home by the sea. I've been doing yoga for a few weeks, and I'm starting to develop quite a bond with my yoga mat, maybe it will be my next safe place !

What is your ritual to celebrate yourself?

My ritual to celebrate myself I would say is dancing, I did a lot of dancing, and when I was younger I wanted to become a dancer. Today I'm a teacher, and I always dance in the bathroom (laughing). If there's one place where I feel truly comfortable it's the dance floors. 

Can lingerie help you feel stronger and more confident?

I have always loved wearing beautiful lingerie, to feel beautiful, attractive, for myself or for the person I love. But above all I think that lingerie is an accessory for self-confidence. It's even a very good weapon of self-confidence.

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