Le portrait de Sabrina

The portrait of Sabrina

An international model for over 10 years, Sabrina shared with us her love affair with her changing body, the challenges she encountered in the fashion industry and the path that led her to confidence in self. Discover his vision of well-being, as well as his advice for cultivating a positive relationship with your body.

Can you tell us about yourself?

My name is Sabrina, I live in Paris. I have been a model in France and internationally for 10 years. They say of me that I am someone sunny, sociable, with a touch of madness!

How would you describe your relationship with the body? Has it evolved over time?

My relationship with the body is particular because of my profession - it is my work tool. I would say that it's like a relationship, with ups and downs. In recent years, my body has evolved and I have been able to welcome it with kindness. This is by far one of my greatest achievements, to have accepted this change and even more so working in the fashion industry. Today I feel like a woman, I feel free and sexy - I have never had so much self-confidence.

Three words to describe women according to you?

A woman in 2023 is a woman who takes the power of her life. She is a strong, courageous, loving, sensitive woman and she is inevitably sexy in all her complexity.

Sabrina photographed by Kenza Le Bas

Your ideal lingerie in a few words?

I don't have an ideal lingerie set, it all depends on my mood, the day, my outfit or even the occasion.

What is your favorite piece of lingerie from Nisse?

I would say the three lingerie sets from the first Nisse collection! I really like Amalia: the minimalism, the comfort, the support... I don't think we're overdoing it, we're doing the right thing. But I also have a very, very big crush on Rajaa. There, we are really in the refined, in sexy lingerie, in the delicacy, it's sublime. I think it's a wonderful piece.

What is your secret to well-being?

Well -being or self-confidence, in my opinion, is truly a lifelong exercise. It is the acceptance, the indulgence that we must all give ourselves. It's knowing how to prioritize ourselves and being aware of our own value.

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