Portrait shooting Nissé lingerie  de Fanny Lamblin en soutien-gorge Athéna

The portrait of Fanny

Fanny, 25, is a designer and model. She approaches her life with passion and enthusiasm. For Fanny, self-confidence comes through acceptance of her body, which evolves over time. She prioritizes comfort and support in her lingerie, while seeking to feel feminine and assertive. Discover her vision of the modern woman and self-confidence, as well as her tips for feeling good about yourself.

Can you tell us about yourself?

My name is Fanny, I am 25 years old, I am cheerful and enthusiastic by nature! I am a designer and a model, two jobs that I do with great desire and passion. 

Three words to describe women according to you?

Woman for me is the past, the present and the future: she is the reflection and the driving force of her time.

How would you describe your body? Has it evolved over time?

I have always had a fairly healthy relationship with my body, which I have enjoyed seeing change and evolve throughout my life as a girl, then as a young woman. I try to make as little judgment as possible about my body; comparison is, in my opinion, the enemy of self-confidence.

What is your favorite piece of lingerie from Nisse?

My favorite lingerie set from Nisse is Athena. Having little chest, the underwire creates a feminine and assertive silhouette. My ideal lingerie is panties, high-cut but not too high, sexy but comfortable lingerie, which I don't feel during the day. 

Fanny photographed by Kenza Le Bas

A woman who inspires you today? And why ?

The women who inspire me are the women in my life: my mother, my sister and of course my lifelong friends. I have a piece of each of them in me, we shape and carry each other. I feel a quiet power when I'm surrounded by women. 

Can lingerie help you feel stronger and more confident?

I believe that what we have often called artifice: makeup, lingerie, clothes... are in reality a weapon and a power that I love to use to assert myself. My definition of well-being and self-confidence is simply realizing that you are in your right place, in the right place, at the right time, with the right people and doing what you love.

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